Question of the Week - What are your burning data mesh questions?

Mar 31, 2021 Edition

Every week, we plan to post a question on Reddit’s r/datamesh with the title of “Question of the Week” + the date. We can have a conversation where all can participate which is much harder to do so in Slack because of the format and time differences. And we also then have a record of responses too so people can look back if they are just discovering the awesomeness of data mesh.

Our first question is: What are your big, burning data mesh questions? Answer here.
Some common ones we’ve seen are below but please do add your own!

How do we map domains and domain boundaries? How big should a domain be or how small?

We are bought-in on data mesh, how do we actually start? (if this is you, I recommend you listen to the whole thing but start at least at minute 34:30 of this podcast with Zhamak and Barry O’Reilly)

Data output ports (how people consume your data), do they need to be an API? If they are an API, how does a business analyst actually access that data?

How do we drive buy-in for data mesh in our organization?

When someone wants to combine data from two different data products, if they want to combine that same data regularly/on a schedule, should that be a new data product? Who would own that data product?

What are some good examples where the data consumer of a data product should be the data product owner as they know the domain best?

How do downstream data products* work, especially when measuring things like freshness, lineage, and data quality?

*A downstream data product takes the output of one or more data products and creates a new data product from some transformation/enrichment/combination/analysis of the upstream data products