Okay, But Just WTF is a Data Mesh?!

A simple overview for those with little time (and/or patience)

To start, it makes more sense to answer “why is data mesh”. Zhamak Dehghani (creator of the data mesh concept) had worked with many large-scale companies on the operational side, helping them build scalable applications and platforms. She looked at the way most companies (try to) use data/organize their analytics organization and came to the conclusion:
This is a hot mess express. And I’m going to try to fix it. [our phrasing]

Data mesh is her attempt to enable companies to actually be data driven by changing the way they organize their teams and their data architecture. And it is a big change from the status quo.

That is a VERY BIG challenge to take on and the size of that challenge is why her first post on data mesh is 6,500+ words. Turns out completely changing the ways company organize is a complicated and dense topic.

So, what is a data mesh? It’s a change in approach to 1) use data product thinking - approaching your data as a product instead of a by-product of how you do business; and 2) decentralize data ownership (so data/data quality is no longer owned by the centralized data lake team) and decentralizing data architecture. It isn’t a technology, it’s an approach to being data driven.

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