Data Mesh Newsletter - Apr 28 2021 Edition

Useful content and upcoming events from the world of data mesh

We want to see more data mesh content, especially user journey stories! If you want to create content, we are here to help. We will be launching meetups soon so please let us know if you are interested in presenting and/or what content you’d like to see in meetups. We plan to do user journey stories, AMAs, fireside chats/panels, etc. Viewer participation is key - let’s all learn from each other!

Quick reminder re next week: Zhamak’s DDD Europe training and the Knowledge Graph Conference - 2 data mesh presentations and a 3hr tutorial - both kick off. Discount codes near end of the newsletter or just message Scott Hirleman in the Slack.

DML Question of the Week:

How should we incent creating "good" data products? Let the community know your thoughts over on r/datamesh (Reddit).

Recent Content:

Data Mesh: Defining a new data architecture paradigm
by David Brown (TORO Cloud) with Zhamak Dehghani; podcast (36min; transcript available)

Zhamak discusses the genesis of data mesh, the crucial benefits data mesh provides (big ones being speed and scale), some issues early adopters of data mesh have run into, and much more. Very good refresher on data mesh if you aren’t consuming everything you can on the topic.

Why it’s time to mesh with your data architecture (YouTube link)
by Tim Gasper and Juan Sequeda (; vendor) with Zhamak Dehghani; podcast or video (50min; no transcript available)

Tagline for data mesh: we have a chance to reimagine, not just rebrand [what we’ve always done].
Deeper dive into many common questions/pushbacks re data mesh including: 1) what is the data mesh definition of a data product, 2) how to get started with mapping your domains (hint: start with your domains that you use from your operational side), 3) how do data catalogs and knowledge graphs fit into data mesh, 4) is a data service a data product, and 5) how data fabric can be part of a data mesh implementation.

Will the Data Mesh save organizations from the Data Mess?
by Marco Ullasci; blog post

Great post addressing the common trap we see many fall into re data mesh: trying to focus only on architecture and assuming Conway’s Law will fix your people and process problems. Zhamak has stated multiple times, and we strongly agree, the architecture/platform will evolve, start with a single data product. Data mesh is more about people and process than architecture.

Sharing data in the cloud: four patterns everyone should know
by Lena Hall (Microsoft); blog post

While not specific to data mesh, the concept of no-copy sharing and splitting compute and storage across multiple clouds is very interesting for data mesh. No copy sharing could be especially useful for a multi-organization data mesh; splitting storage and compute across clouds - without incurring massive data transfer costs - means companies can choose the technologies that work best for them - whether that is based on features or unit economics.

Data Mesh: Unlocking Data Value in the Enterprise
by Emily Gorcenski and Arif Wider (ThoughtWorks); webinar (61min) closed captioning available

Covers a lot of the same ground re data mesh as other presentations but the Q&A (starting at min 45) covers some really interesting topics: Emily mentions GDPR actually being easier in data mesh - much lower chance of shadow data copies and some companies are even doing deletion requests as a data product; Arif covers the needed skills for a data product owner - similar to a good product manager; and that data copying (maybe data storage usage?) is typically 10-100x smaller than before moving to data mesh (at min 59) - we followed-up to ask what the exact sentence meant.

Call for Content / Speakers:

We are on our way re data product owners/managers interviews. Expect to see videos on our YouTube channel by mid May - scheduling is fun. If you want to be interviewed about that topic, please message Scott Hirleman in the Slack or email

We will be launching meetups soon. Our goal is at least one a month in a Europe-friendly time and one a month in an Americas-friendly time (after work for both). If you are interested in speaking at a meetup, please message Scott Hirleman in the Slack or email

Upcoming Webinars, Training, Meetups, etc.:


(In Portuguese) Data mesh: uma mudança de paradigma; by ThoughtWorks
May 18th at 6pm Brazilian time (I think)


Datanova for Data Analysts (by Starburst, a vendor)
May 18th starting at 10am EDT / 3pm BST
Panel with Zhamak Dehghani, Cindi Howson (ThoughtSpot), Daniel Abadi (University of Maryland), and Gareth Stevenson (Bank of America)

Navigating Your Data Swamp; by ThoughtWorks and The Digital Banker
May 17th/18th (May 17th 7:30pm PDT / May 18th 10:30am SGT / 12:30pm AEST)
Panel with Zhamak Dehghani, Sham Arora (Standard Chartered Bank), Gunjan Bhatt (HSBC), Nalini Haridas (ThoughtWorks), and Jonathan Ng (Revolut)


Zhamak-led training with DDD Europe (special 10% discounted link)
May 3, 4, 10, 11; 4hr sessions each day, late for Europe and early to mid-day for North America
Price is €1,755 with our discount


(Non-DML) Domain oriented data decomposition and ownership
April 29, 5:30pm BST / 12:30pm EDT / 9:30am PDT
Group exercise/breakout session and discussion rather than a presentation

Related Conference Free Tickets and Discounts*: 

20% discount code for The Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) (May 3-6; code is KGCLovesZhamak!) -> Discounted costs: $140 for presentation track or $240 for full track including workshops/tutorials
Zhamak will keynote; there will be a 3hr data mesh tutorial; and Accenture will present on data mesh
The KGC folks will also be giving away a free ticket each week in the Slack, see here for more info.

QCon Plus Software Conference (May 17-28) 10% discount code: DATAMESHQPLUSMAY -> Discounted cost of $495 before May 1.
The conference has a data mesh track and Zhamak’s talk is called “An Architectural Deep Dive” which we haven’t seen her present about to-date.


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