Data Product Meetup Ask

Howdy. We have had a LOT of people ask about the definition of a data product, either direct to us or in the Slack. So much so, we are doing a meetup on July 15th called “The Anatomy of a Data Product”.

If you have created a data product, can you please share (either in a slide or in a 1-3min video, maybe showing a slide that we would play during the meetup) your answer to: What does your data product look like? What’s in it? How would you describe it to others?

This could even be a sample notebook with some dummy data. This could be describing the data stored in the data product including the scope of the data product - it presumably is more than one table. It could be the architecture used. It could be the API used to call the data product - AKA the data output port. Etc.

People are LOST when trying to create their first data product. Help them by sharing some info around what one of your data products looks like so people can understand how to get moving.